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DIY candle Favors

Looking for an inexpensive way to do your wedding favors ? I made mine! I saved up old candles (as I'm a candle lover) and upcycled them into beautiful and affordable favors for my wedding!

First I gathered my old candles and removed any labels from the glass jars.

I put a pot of water (1/3 full) on and brought it to a simmer. I chose to dice up the wax using a butter knife but this step is totally optional, as the wax will melt well regardless. I then carefully placed the candles into the water- jar and all!

I paid close attention to the temperature of the meted wax as I was looking to bring the temperature up to 165 degrees. Once the wax reaches this temperature you can remove them from heat. We'll want to allow the temperature to decrease to 135 degrees for the perfect pouring temperature. While the wax cools you can prep your new candle tins with wicks.

I picked up some loose wicks and candle tins from Michaels . I believe it was roughly $18 for 30 after applying a 20% off coupon. I used my hot glue gun to mount each wick to the center of the tins. I then poured wax into each tin and waiting approximately fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes passed I sprinkled some dried floral and gold foil to the top of each one. These items, I found in the clearance section of Michael's for less then $5 and had plenty to spare.

I allowed the candles to cure overnight and in the morning I trimmed the wicks a bit more so they were perfect!

All in all I think this project took me a couple hours at best and I got favors that would typically cost anywhere from $3-$5 each for a fraction of the price! Here's a full view of all the materials I used.

Happy planning and all the best on your wedding journey! Feel free to follow our page for more money saving tips and tricks and check out our services on our website! (Florist-ships nationwide, Online virtual event planning- nationwide, Officiant- South Florida, Charcuterie-South Florida & more!)

Marie Strait

Forevermore Events & Florals

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