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DIY Silk Flower Custom Coloring

My client was looking for a ceremony where friends and family members could walk down the aisle with specific colored roses to symbolize specific meanings 🥰 We needed ten roses total.

As there were limited options when purchasing and we were looking to remain budget friendly- I acquired a paint palette and got to painting! With a touch of water and a dab of paint I worked my way outwards-in. The petals absorbed the color perfectly and when they dried they looked incredible!

Would you like the color lighter?.. Just add a bit more water. Would you like them darker?.. Use a tad less water. Have a sharp line of color that needs diffusing?.. Wet your brush and blend it in.

You can hombre them, create a rainbow rose or even add designs!

Here's the finished product! They dry super fast! Want to redesign? You can always wash the majority of color off and start again! But don't worry there is never any transfer once dried.

For brides on a budget or looking to achieve an exact shade, this is the perfect way to achieve it!

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Happy Planning,

Marie - Forevermore Events & Florals

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